G is for Grick

Have you ever heard of a Grick? I haven’t. I had fun painting it though.

From what I’ve read, a Grick is another D&D monster (damn then for having some of the best monsters). It is a stealthy predator that lives in baron and rocky terrains. Snakelike, it has a touch beak that is surrounded by clawing tentacles that can hold it’s pray tightly with it’s suckers, but can also use the claws (or barbs) on the end of it’s tentacles and tail to cause damage. With it being snakelike it has great flexibility and dexterity, so if it does attack it has the option of constriction or outright attack. An adult Grick can measure 8ft long and weigh 200lb’s – but in my watercolour sketchbook it’s 13cm by 21cm.

I started this painting by sketching it out roughly in pencil. Once I was happy with the basic design I used an ink lining pen (0.2) to cement the shapes I wanted. In regards to painting, stereotypically snakes are green or yellowy tan colours, I opted for blue to make it stand out. After painting I gave a few areas some more lining with the same 0.2 pen. I’ve captured some of the stages of the creation process below.

Now, I have to be honest. I actually liked the pencil and pen version before I added colours to it, I was very tempted to leave this as a simple colourless sketch. There were also other moments on the journey I liked a lot too; when I only had the beak and tentacles coloured, and also when I had the blue of the scales painted (before I added the purple). Saying this though, I made a commitment in my head to how this would look so I persevered.

So… the next monster I need to look at in my A-Z of monsters is H. I’m drawing blanks at the moment for that – don’t be surprised to find a Hellhound, which if you know, I just blog a blank page because they are mainly invisible to all but the demons who command them – but that would be a cop out wouldn’t it :D. Please come back to see what the next distracted painting will be, in the meantime I hope you have enjoyed this attempt. Thanks for reading this, see you soon. X