Urban Sketchers 30 day challenge (week 1)

OK, so the world is in bit of a state at the moment with the coronavirus affecting so many people. A lot of places are on lockdown at the moment. While trawling through Facebook I found the UK Urban Sketchers. It’s a group of people that meet regularly to do creative work. With the whole lockdown in place, physical meetings are not an option. To combat this they are currently doing a 30 day challenge on Facebook. I thought it would be nice to talk about it, and show some of my own examples on my blog. Rather than post every sketch I do over the 30 days, I’m going to upload them in batches, so here are the first 7 days.

Day 1 – Selfie

Having not long ago done a self portrait in watercolour I was tempted to use this as my submitting. But I didn’t want to cheat so I did a quick 30min sketch while on a conference call at work.

Day 2 – Working from Home

Technically I’d done day 2’s sketch on the first day when I did a selfie of myself on a conference call. Again, I didn’t want to cheat so I got the pencils out again and did another sketch.

Day 3 – Doing daily chores

Today I decided to add some colour into my sketch for the day, so I used coloured pencils. My subject for the day was an iron. Who doesn’t love ironing right?

Day 4 – What are you reading?

I happen to be reading Norse Sagas so I took inspiration from this. When Thor goes to visit Tyr father, Hymir the giant, to borrow a brewing cauldron, they end up going fishing. Thor snares Jormungandr (Loki’s middle child, the Midgard world serpent) using the head of Hymir’s favourite oxen as bait. Hymir steps in and sabotages the catch before Thor gets too carried away as the Midgard world serpent has the ability to spit black poisonous venom, not to mention the fact that he’s big enough to surround the world – catching him would be hell of a battle.

Day 5 – Keeping entertained

Nice and straightforward, I enjoy painting, comics and games. This was a simple pencil sketch where I am looking down in birds-eye on my subjects on a table.

Day 6 – Do it yourself (DIY)

I decided to mix things up today and do a biro sketch. I used to do loads of biro sketcher at school while I should have been paying more attention to teachers. It’s not really something I continued into my adult life, when I’m at work I tend to keep busy all the time so I don’t tend to doodle as much as I could do – but then I’m not getting paid to doodle at work so being busy is a good thing. In this sketch I’ve focused on items that are sat in my hallway waiting to be used in the kitchen.

Day 7 – Cooking

Ahh cooking, another one of my guilty pleasures. While making a lovely meat-free vegetable carbonara I got the sketch book out and knocked out day 7’s sketch challenge.