Urban Sketchers 30 day challenge (week 2)

As you may have seen from one of my recent posts, during the coronavirus lockdown in the UK I’ve been busying myself with various activities. One of those activities is taking part in a Facebook groups challenge; the Urban Sketchers (Stoke) 30 day challenge.

With week 2 behind me now I wanted to share the distractions that I created as my entries.

After checking these out, be sure to come back for week 3. Also, I’m up to I in the A-Z of monsters I’m doing in a personal watercolour challenge, come back for that too. X

Day 8 – Collecting

Nice and simple, my missus loves books, there’s easily over 1000 in the house. In fairness half of the bookcase I’ve painted had my books on too.

This entry is done in watercolour and pen. FTR, my walls are white, I didn’t wimp out on doing the background 😀

Day 9 – Gardening

Down at the bottom of the garden, amongst the bears and the bees, there’s a lovely little shed, its painted ‘Poddington’ green.

Actually it’s Sherwood green, but that doesn’t work in the style of the “Poddington Peas” theme tune. This entry is primarily watercolour again, but as you can see from the picture, I used watercolour pens rather than brushes.

Day 10 – Keeping Healthy (exercising)

When I was young I played rugby league, matches and training accounted for over more than three quarters of my week. Due to the frequency I competed, I got very fit – I was also quite good too but that’s a different story. One of the few remaining pictures of me from over 20 years ago is one where I’m going round/ through to lads on my way to scoring a try in the corner for West Hull.

For my entry I concentrated on one aspect of it and tried my best to pencil sketch it. I actually omitted at least one guy in the background – I just couldn’t understand why he was holding what appeared to be a branch.

Day 11 – Hobbies (other than sketching)

My fiancé and I enjoy doing animal encounters and experiences. Here’s a I painting of Stan the Sloth who we fed at the Safari Zoo in the Lake District. As you’ll no doubt guess, this is done using a watercolour wash with pen to hold the shape of Stan.

Day 12 – Favourite Film (watching)

I’ll be honest, I don’t have a single favourite film, I’m a graduate from university with a degree in film – I appreciate a wide range of films for various reasons. Picking one films seem ludicrous to me! In addition I’ve been very busy… I guess, what I’m getting at is that I wimped out and did a quick doodle instead of a full blown urban sketch. I did the the Death-head moth from the cover of ‘Silence of the Lambs’. I just used a black lining pen on paper, easy.

Day 13 – Music listening

How do you sketch listening to music? I’m was thinking very practical with this one as the admin for the challenge sent out a reminder to everybody in the group advising that all entries must be from real life – not from a photo. I kind of felt like this was aimed at me rather than the group, looking around, other people had done sketches from photos and even staged/made up pictures, but as I was the last person to submit a picture from a photo, it seemed it was at me who was being told off. My bad, hands up, I admit it. Day 12’s entry was admittedly a cheap attempt. Rather than give up and not bother, because motivation was already waning before the telling off I persevered – I’ve started so I will damn well finish. So, here is a pencil sketch of me holding an ipod that I’m using to listen to music with. While holding the ipod with my left hand I sketching it with my right hand – can’t get any more real life then that eh.

Day 14 – Looking at the Sky

I had to think outside of the box for this one because it was an overcast and miserable day. If I had of drawn the sky it would have been just a grey covered piece of paper. Instead, the wallpaper in my bedroom has clouds on it, so… technically that’s looking at sky. My cat just happened to come and see what I was doing while sketching so he got included. Say hello to Mr Chunks Sasquatch.

Come back for another update soon!! X