Urban Sketchers 30 day challenge (week 3)

So, it’s week 3 in the 30 day challenge that I’m taking part in on Facebook during the covid-19 lock-down in the UK. I’m lagging behind a little bit, I’m constantly one day behind entries because I’m also working from home at the moment (4th week), which is proving to be more demanding than anticipated. Balancing working from home, and taking part in the various challenges that are keeping me busy and locked down is draining. It shouldn’t be, but it is. Anyway, less whinging and more blogging….

Day 15 – Taking Stock (objects in the cupboard or our lives)

Another week, another doodle. To mix things up with this challenge entry I decided to attack this challenge by using a different medium. I used drawing inks with an interchangeable nib pen – basically a dip fountain pen approach. I haven’t used this kind of approach before but it was actually fun, I had less control over the ink then I thought I would have. I also, strangely, used a tea bag – it provided a little bit of colour in what would end up being the carpet on my sketch. I’ve taken a picture of the cupboard I was trying to interpret as proof that it actually exists. Some people have questioned why my backgrounds are all white and fairly clean – well that’s easy, I have white walls and furniture that’s painted white. If the challenge demands realism then I have it a little easier than most due to my white backgrounds 😀

Day 16 – Bird Watching

While sitting at my dining room table I have a good view of the birds that regularly visit my garden to get their breakfast. Magpies and pigeons live on the green space behind my garden, so they are regular visitors. This morning two magpies enjoyed a quick snack there before they went about their daily business – so I quickly doodled them. For fun I challenged myself to use a standard fountain pen for this sketch. I’d used artistic nibs and dipping ink yesterday, so I went a step further while sticking in the same ballpark.

Day 17 – Feathered or Furry

When reading the challenge title I’d already decided that I’d doodle my cat, Mr Chunks Sasquatch. I wanted to do it within a time limit though. I set an alarm for 45mins. The time limit meant that there were some details missing but beggars can’t be choosers when you are up against the clock. Mr Chunks can be seen here doing what he regularly does, trying to get attention, asking for fuss and food. The older he gets, the fussier here gets. As you can (hopefully) see here, he’s claw-bumping me to see what I’m doing and why my full attention isn’t on him. Sorry Chunks, 45 minutes isn’t long to capture your beauty mate!

Day 18 – Hanging on the Wall

The challenge wanted hanging on the wall, most people in the challenge group decided to sketch pictures or paintings they had on the wall. I didn’t want to take the same approach, so I interpreted my entry a little differently.

In my kitchen I have a magnetic strip that I attach knives to, technically speaking, these knives are hanging on the wall, albeit by magnetism rather than string or a hook.

This entry was done in pencils. The most time consuming aspect of this was the tiling in the background. I disliked the tiles in my kitchen before this sketching challenge and I damn well hated them after it!! As well as the knives, there’s a hand-shaped trivet, Timmy the spice bowl, and Sgt. Pepper – all loved items within the world of my kitchen.

Day 19 – Spring is in the air

I’m lucky enough to live on a street which is lined with blossom trees. Each Easter/ Springtime, they come out into bloom. This is very picturesque for at least one/two months of the year as it means there is lovely pink blossom to look at. On the downside, my car is covered in annoying pink petals. In addition, after the bloom has gone, the petals turn brown and messy. It’s a poetic reflection of life I guess, beauty in birth, but decayed and messy in death.

For this challenge entry I returned back to watercolour. I wish I had the discipline to do proper wash and ink pictures. My attempts always seem to be too cartoony and forced. I worry bout detail and before I know it I’ve overworked a painting. Not to worry though, this is quite pretty. What you can see in the painting is the view I have outside my upstairs window from were I am working from home during the UK lock-down. I’m fortunate to live on a pretty street compared to some people.

Day 20 – How are you feeling (selfie)

Oh how things change. When I look back at day 1’s challenge entry selfie I can see a massive difference. Not as much in the sketch, I knew I had this in my locker – more so with how unkempt I look after 20+ days in lockdown. I’m still working from home, still wearing a headset, still hairy… still me, just more bedraggled 😀

Day 21 – Choosing clothes from your wardrobe

The final entry for week 3, upon reading the challenge heading this morning I very much wasn’t looking forward to this. I knew it would be difficult because of the diverse shapes and colours in my wardrobe. Nether the less, I wasn’t going to wimp out. I settled for a straight forward pen sketch, this is because after colouring the tiles in my kitchen on day 18 I needed a bit of a break from complex colouring challenges. So, here’s the last entry for week 3.