Urban Sketchers 30 day challenge (week 5)

It’s nearly the end of the 30 day challenge set by the Urban Sketchers, well actually, by the end of this post it will be the end anyway. I’ve got two more entries to show and then it’s done. It’s been a fun and occasionally challenging thing to keep on top of – but I’ve soldiered on all the same, so let’s get to it.

Day 29 Adding Flavour

I am at home in the kitchen, I love cooking. My missus describes my style as very much “Swedish Chef” from the “Muppet Show”. It’s no surprise then that I have lots of spices or random ingredients to chuck into whatever I’m cooking. For this sketching challenge entry then, I drew curry powder, and for artistic effect I knocked it over too.

Day 30 A day on the life of… Storyboard (a 3 min sketch every hour)

This last challenge was a tough one, a sketch every hour. Before starting I was daunted as that sounded demanding. Thankfully a limit was set at a 3min for each sketch as I had to balance work around this challenge too. I think a lot of the people taking part in the challenge have been either been temporarily sent home from work because of Covid19, or they have retired from work anyway.

I set myself a target of 15 sketches, not because my day would be up after 15, more that I didn’t want to be doodling into the early hours of the morning – I don’t sleep much so despite being awake early, there was a good possibility that I’d be up past the midnight hour.

I think that the sketches I did do give a valid account of my day. It was tricky to find different subjects to sketch in my working hours as I didn’t want to be away from my desk, so I tried to vary things up by sketching my surroundings.


I quite enjoyed the 30 day urban sketchers challenge. At times it was challenging, but it was equally fun at times too. I don’t think I’ve necessarily improved sketching in 30 days but I’m sure I would if I stuck at it. Saying that though I won’t be continuing if another challenge is added. My own watercolour practise has suffered a little, I’ve fallen behind with my A-Z of monsters, so that has to be the next thing I get onto. With that in mind, come back soon to see the next monster that I’m up to, and if you can’t remember the next monster should begin with an I. Before I sign off on this post, here’s a reminder of the full 30 days sketched for the stay at home challenge.

See you soon.