Urban Sketchers 30 day challenge (week 4)

Wow, week 4 already. OK, you know the score, less talk, more showing you the entries for this week.

Day 22 Something Comfy

Animal feet slippers – they are warm but importantly they fit the category of comfy. They’re also bordering on being death trap too as they keep trying to trip me up every time the claws get caught on furniture, doorframes, chairs, people and my cat. Anybody know how I get a cease and desist against slippers??

Day 23 Telling the time

I stopped wearing a wristwatch when I broke my wrist skateboarding aged 21. Since then I’ve used pocket watches or the clock on my phone. This is a straight forward pencil and pen sketch.

Day 24 Playing games

I was going to draw scrabble tiles but I couldn’t find my game set. Instead I did a scene from an xbox game I was playing, “Hitman”.

I found a safe place to hide in game, the quickly sketched what I could see. I added colour afterwards.

Day 25 Happy Easter

I don’t really celebrate Easter. One thing about it though, is that it makes mini eggs easier to get at the shops. Just like a dog is for life and not for Christmas, mini eggs should be available all year around, not just for Easter.

Day 26 Looking out of the Window

Opposite my house there is a primary school playing field and playground. That’s what I intended to sketch for this challenge, but I was fortunate that a bluetit bird landed on an electricity cable in front of my window to jazz up the sketch. Yes, those are coloured pencils on the school playground 😀

Day 27 Eating fruit

This was a fun one, it opened up a window to what happens in my house, and it was one which let me do something normal which wasn’t quite normal.

The missus and I leave random notes and doodles for each other, this extends to drawing on things, and occasionally sticking ‘googley’ eyes on things to bring them to life. This sketch is capturing one of those times. A banana and kiwi were transformed into batbanana and jokiwi. It’s hard to believe that we’re actually classed as adults!

Day 28 New and old in your life

I have loads of technology around the house. Being a child of the 80’s I’ve seen lots of change in tech. Taking just music as an example: I’ve had vinyl, cassettes, cd’s, minidisks and now digital as a method of playing music. As such I was spoiled for choice in what to draw for this challenge. I mainly stuck to pencil but added just two colours to the sketch using watercolour so it popped a little more.